Wet Rooms


Walk in showers & wetrooms

The ultimate wet room for your comfort

Using the latest products our designers can create the ultimate wet room for your comfort. Our wet room installation specialists can prepare almost any room to create the ultimate open plan bathroom. Cleverly hidden plumbing and well designed installations are just the beginning when you engage our expertise.

Let us turn your dreams into reality

Beautifully designed wet rooms are becoming more and more popular. Wet rooms and walk in showers are now so popular, practical and feasible for many homes that the bath, shower tray or enclosures are becoming less popular.

Rethinking the traditional bathroom

A wet room is a wonderful luxury, making that extra bit of space in your bathroom and giving a feeling of freedom. The wet room represents a radical rethink of the traditional bathroom with levels of design and sophistication that were previously reserved for the living areas of our homes.

Talk to our designers about your needs

To explore just what is possible in the space that you want to transform come and talk to us . If you are contemplating a wet room, it must be appreciated the creating an enclosed area that is intended to be wet requires specialist treatments to prevent damp from penetrating adjacent rooms. For this reason we recommend on the best wet room systems from major suppliers.

Slip resistant wet room flooring finishes

We can advise on a variety of factors when thinking about any bathroom, especially a wet room, floor finish choice being just one item.

Good quality materials fit for purpose

We source the highest quality materials available and where required will commission bespoke elements to provide the finest details. Our highly skilled team of professionals will install your new wet room in your home with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Call us to see what we can do for you.

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